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Bro to Bro
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date March 14, 2013 (US)

Octuber 27, 2013 (JP)

Written by Seán Cullen
Storyboards by Steve LeCouillard
Directed by J Falconer

 "Bro to Bro" is the fifth episode of Rocket Monkeys (17th in the US).

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Part 1

No no nine 

Fine fine 1

Two two get it 

Three three Donald’s 

Wing wing 4

Cute grimace five (McDonalds)

Woo woo six

Jack jack 7

They are worse than Burger King 8 :hamburger:

Rock n roll McDonalds 

No no nine 

Kfc tenders box :poultry_leg:

Rock n roll McDonalds 


Phil Phil 11 

Teletubbies 12

App 13

Tul tul 14

Toe toe 15:foot:

Cute photo 16 :camera_with_flash:

Nanny McPhee 17:older_woman:

18 alvins :chipmunk:

No no 19

Roof roof 20:house:

21 grandma Katie’s 


Bald bald 22

Wiggles Jeff 23

24 piggggyss :pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig:

25 eggs :egg: :egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::egg:

Fix it Felix 26 :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

James James 27


No no nine

La la la


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