The "best" Youtuber ever, NOT!

Devin The Youtuber is a YouTuber who joined on December 25, 2014. He currently has 945 subscribers. He also created Battle for Devin the Youtuber, Battle for the Respect of Boris, etc. However, He used to be wretched until 2020 when he improved his behavior.

Why He Never Changed His Behavior[edit | edit source]

  1. He used to can't take criticism and will make a rant out of someone or make videos telling everyone to go against them if they rant or criticize him. For example, when someone ranted on him, he got completely angry about this, which he then made his fans to go and attack him, which they then dislike the user's rant video, before Devin made a rant on the user that ranted on him.
    • He also somewhat rages in caps. For a example he said this to Mr. Tenno (Psycho Gaming on YT) When he responded to Devin when he found his page: "NO THEY DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    • Unlike [[mh:terribletvshows:Antoons]], When Devin ranted on a user ranted on, Devin received a copyright strike.
  2. He gets extremely upset whenever someone dislikes his videos, not only that if he knows some users are against him and did mock him at some points he will complain that he doesn't deserve any dislikes, but rather the people against him. That's also proof that he can't handle dislikes.
  3. He got upset at one user just because the user disliked a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, which is Ice Cube from BFDI.
  4. He got extremely angry all because he got eliminated in Pedro RQ's Fan Marble Race, which in the description he was constantly forcing him to rejoin his show or else he would become enemies with him.
  5. In one of his videos, Devin says that there's no need to someone to rage because he got eliminated 1st and that marble races are luck bases, yet he raged about himself getting eliminated 1st in a Fan Marble Race, as shown above, making him a huge hypocrite.
    • he also claimed that Saw336 Ballony909 is racist for saying the n word yet he also said the n-word once, making him a hypocrite again.
  6. In one of his videos, he puts in the BFDI episode, The Glistening as one of the things he despises, just because Ice Cube got eliminated, as well as Flower rejoining in that particular episode. Which proofs he overreacting a character he likes getting eliminated.
  7. He will sometimes literally force people to like his videos.
  8. His videos used to be extremely clickbait, terrible and lazy.
  9. There was one time he threatened everyone that he would leave YouTube just because they were disliking videos, which of course Devin didn't leave YouTube at all. Again, That's also proof that he can't handle dislikes.
  10. He is too young to have a YouTube account, especially considering that he's currently 11 years old.
  11. He likes to swear a lot like DaddyOFive does, despite his young age.
  12. His fanbase is horrible as they will defend Devin no matter what, even if he's lying.
  13. He once forced people to stop watching his older videos.
  14. In the discussions of his YouTube channel, he announced that he liked Courtney from Total Drama Island, only because others began liking her now.
  15. He's friends with TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07 who used to acts extremely similar to him in many ways. He eventually recently became friends with another user by the name of CableToons who also acts similar to him in many ways.
  16. He also told users to die on FANDOM, which is against the TOS. (Note: Mike Zilo is Devin since their grammar is very similar, plus, both of the two hate Flower.)
  17. He got extremely angry just because he couldn't join a server on a Roblox Game, which he then makes a questioning saying Is ROBLOX getting hacked?
  18. He makes a rant about flu shots which he hates them just because they hurt you so badly, although, flu shots will definitely hurt you, but people need to take some flu shots in order to prevent themselves from getting sick, as well as to stay healthy.
    • This also proves that he's anti-vax.
  19. In one of his videos, he announces that he now hates a user by the name of LilEdmond Brown for some of the stupidest reasons ever. In the description he says that he hates him because, one, he got eliminated on Lil's Youtuber Algicosathlon, two, he eliminates his favorite stuff all the time, three, Lil hates Devin himself, and four, Devin says that he hates him with a burning passion (that's literally his four reasons), Again, which proofs he overreacting a character getting eliminated.
    • Not only that but in that same particular video, he puts in (PLEASE DON'T GET FURIOUS) onto the title, proving that he's scared of getting a lot of hate.
    • Also in that same video, when someone criticized him that his reasons weren't good at all, he then got extremely angry, told him to stop talking, and then called him gay. Which proofs he's homophobic.
  20. He constantly cyberbullies a user known as PrinceDarkStar06 for mostly no reason other than the fact he made a rant out of him and he still does it to this day such as this video.
    • In fact, one time recently when DS Gamer quitted a camp that TotalDramaLava23 created, he let Prince rejoin the camp, causing Devin to get extremely pissed off.
  21. In one of his videos, he puts in "please like!" on the title, which proves that he's desperately trying to get people to like his content.
  22. When he found out about the page, he got extremely angry and then made excuses to look like it's all nothing but lies, as he then demands for everyone to not call him atrocious.
    • Speaking of which in the comments of the video, when someone told him to stop cyberbullying PrinceDarkStar06, he fully admits he wouldn't stop, proving that he knows he's cyberbullying someone. This is also the case when Devin recently made a hashtag on discord saying #NeverWillStopBullyingPrince.
    • Also, when he found out AzUrArInG created his Atrocious YouTubers wiki page, he began making claims such as AzUrArInG starting this so-called war, despite the fact AzUrArInG didn't even know too much about Devin until around July 2019, and the fact the whole argument actually began with Prince and Devin back on April 19, 2019.
  23. He bashed someone's opinion of Duncan from the Total Drama Island series.
  24. He began raging out when Stardust Sucker made a diss track and got extremely pissed off in a discord call afterwards.
    • Also as shown in that particular video, it shows that he gets extremely angry if you suggest that he has sexual intercourse with rats.
  25. He has several alt accounts that he uses to stroke his own ego. (They all use bandicam, and sound extremely similar)
    • Captain Krump: Proof
    • YS Gamer: Proof
    • Blackimations: Proof
    • Youtuber lord 9000: Proof
    • Tent Sax: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • Captain France: Proof
    • Ice Cube from BFB: Proof
    • Serious Royale: Proof
    • Yarim Dimarst: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • Microphone The Object: Proof
    • Red Sun Films: Proof
    • Captain Italy: Proof
    • Then What Studios: Although there is no videos from the channel, many of the liked videos and many of the subscriptions are most of Devin's accounts, videos, etc.
    • Test 042838: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • Venemous Derrick: Proof
    • Yrs km Hubbub: Proof
    • Ice Cube: Although there aren't videos, has no subscription list or liked videos shown, it's possibly be an alt of Devin's as he's a huge fan of Ice Cube, with some videos having comments of the account praising Devin.
    • Amazing 50: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • Hollywood Animations: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • PrinceDarkStar06 is a noob: Proof
    • Orange Marker YT: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • Donna Smith: Although there is no videos from the channel, many of the liked videos and many of the subscriptions are most of Devin's accounts, videos, etc.
    • someone for real: Proof
    • Captain Jamaica: Although there is no videos, many of the liked videos are made by Devin's fanbase, he hates Flower and says that PrinceDarkstar06 is dumb and Devin is one of his featured channels.
    • drake productions channel: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • I got Diabetes: Likely not an alt, but with this Flipaclip test animation he did, which is a lot similar to YS Gamer's test animation, which is one of Devin's most known alt accounts.
    • Awesome Savage Boy Reloaded: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • Captain Poland: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • Screw Hailey Chan 120 Sucks NAUTTP: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present as well as the overused Quagmire beating up Brian clip he uses in a lot of his videos.
    • Yarim Dimarst: Likely not an alt, but the use of bandicam is present.
    • Screw Sean Ni NAUTTP: Likely not an alt, but the overused Quagmire beating up Brian clip from the episode "Quagmire's Dad" from Family Guy is used since he uses the clip in a lot of his videos.
      • Also, when a user known as LimeLazy made a mocketry video out of Devin The YouTuber, Devin got extremely angry, so he made a rant out of him using his Blackimations alt to look like someone's on Devin's own side, however it was pretty clear it was Devin himself using an alt account, especially with the bandicam recording, as well as the voice is heard in the video.
      • Recently, in one of Devin's recent videos, he uses the Captain Krump alt he made and comments to Devin on that video that he loves him, as if Devin has a boyfriend or girlfriend, when in reality, it's actually HIMSELF!!!!
      • He has recently admitted that he made alt accounts, however this was most likely said just so the people could remove his Atrocious YouTubers Wiki page and his Encyclopedia Dramatica page and believe he changed, especially since a few days after, he began claiming that they weren't his alts once again right after admitting they were his alts.
  26. He made up an insult where he takes the first 2 or 3 letters of a username and adds the suffix "Kiko" to it, When asked what "Kiko" Meant, Devin said, "Look it up". (Kiko means "chrysanthemum child" in Japanese, also it means friend in New York, making it more of a compliment rather than an insult.)
  27. For whatever reason, Devin likes to upload this one clip from Family Guy from the same episode we mentioned on the Screw Sean Ni NAUTTP account in response to a YouTuber he hates.
  28. Rather than actually fighting the users that he's against himself, Devin likes to send Alfonso Zamorano after his "Haters".
  29. He made an apology video, which he begins talking for about 5 minutes onto the things he does and that he regrets it. However, he actually doesn't as he still attacks Prince for no reason. That also shows hypocrisy.
  30. In one of his recent videos, he made a video which a character kills Prince and Etika Which makes this video entirely disrespectful, especially since Etika killed himself 4 months before this.
  31. He also said that Suicide is Funny using his Captain Krump account on Discord.
  32. He likes to claim that he's literally the greatest person on Earth. An example being if someone tells him he's the greatest person ever (even if the user that says it is actually being sarcastic in a way).
  33. He's an incredible sociopath and also doesn't care for how others feel, especially to those against him.
    • It also seems that he cares for himself as most of the users he says he cares about are actually just his alts.
  34. He one time compared one of his enemies to Adolf Hitler.
  35. He tries really hard to be extremely edgy with his jokes as he likes to do killing jokes such as the controversial video he made which he made some character murdering users like Etika and also did a horrible suicide joke.
  36. He's incredibly racist as he said he hated the D Se Dab video, but not because of the dabbing in the video, but because he said it was Indian.
  37. He keeps claiming that the rant is a "joke" while it is serious when someone ranted him. (Yes, he also did it with his alt.)
  38. His OC is a ripoff of Vince Doyen's OC since both have human designs but with BFDI assets, in fact, both designs have brown hair, tan skin, and a body-looking shirt (albeit Devin's being green and Vince Doyen's being blue) as well.
  39. One time, Devin was constantly begging for the owner of a camp to let him rejoin after getting eliminated very early.
  40. He's very racist towards blacks as he posted image saying that anyone with bright skin is okay but anyone with dark skin is not okay apparently.
  41. He is a hypocrite as hates HyperMan53 for heart spamming his comment in HyperMan53's rant on him, yet he heart spammed a random user in his YS Gamer account.
  42. In Devin's YS Gamer alt, he was constantly encouraging someone to commit suicide.
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