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Dr. Chimpsky in person.

Doctor mad is the leader of GASI headquarters and give the Rocket Monkeys missions. damien laquet Jamie Watson  provides his voice. He is 49 years old.

Appearance Edit

Dr. MAD is an overweight man wearing a lab coat,glasses and a hairstyle similar to Gus. He rarely comes out in person and usually is seen on a tv.


Dr. mad has high expectations for his animals including the Rocket Monkeys. He likes tea parties, dollies, fairies and ballerina dancing, which was proven in the episode "Monkeys Vs. Gorrilas". One time he got fired as a Chief In Charge and lost his monitor privileges which the Rocket Monkeys took advantage to him leading him to quit GASI and forced to sell cuckoo clocks but thanks to YAY-OK he got his job back as the Chief In Charge.

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