Freshly Baked: The Rocket Monkey's Special is a Season 3 half-hour short-like episode, aired in the US from Fall 2016 (part one) to Fall 2017 (part two), in the UK in Fall 2016, and in Canada in Fall 2015.


who actually likes this show im-

Act 1Edit

Gus and Wally feature Yay Ok and Chimpsky, while watching a funny video called "Crayon Prix's Freshly Baked Shrimp's and Prime Rib's" earlier. In the year 201X, Lord Peel come out any worse, he will easily fall, his trailer disappears from a split-second. Lord Peel's aspirator was aspirated by another "thing"-like law. In the year 2015-2016 later, Lord Peel's be ineffectual, ready to push, only on a tunnel of fear. In the year 2016-2017 later, Lord Peel appears on a basement, but he get trapped on a black, basement-like background, but Dr. Maryke appears on a basement. Then, Dr. Maryke turns the light on, as Lord Peel yells "Run!", and Maryke winks.

Act 2Edit

In the year 2017-2018 later, a wall appears and a background turns from normal to dark, as Lord Peel and Maryke are in the dark basement. Then, both search a lantern for having a lighting. Later, original clones appear with later clones, while both scream and run. In the year 2018-2019 later, Chimpsky raps this song after the episode ends.

Characters Edit

Major Characters Edit

Secondary Characters Edit

Original Clones Edit

  • Duck Gus
  • Tall/Stretchy Wally
  • Round/Balloon Wally

Later Clones (created by Duck Gus) Edit

  • Cyan Wavy Wally
  • Pale Teal Gus
  • Green Wally (acts like a dog later in this episode.)
  • White and Pink Checkered Wally
  • Cyan/Magenta Wavy Gradient Wally with Horizontal Stripes
  • Red Wally
  • Orange and White Wally
  • Yellow-Orange Wally
  • SMPTE color bars-like Wally
  • Yellow/light tan Wally
  • Green Golf Wally
  • Blue wavy Wally
  • SMPTE color bars/navy cyan Wally
  • Teal Wavy Gus
  • Pale Navy Gus
  • Yellow/tan Wally
  • Small Light Red Wally with Pink Spots (appeared in a Whirlpool Wiper 3000 scene, says high-pitched/fast "Woo woo woo" as sucked in.)

Trivia Edit

  • Lord Peel's friend, Maryke, she's first appeared in Monkey-Itis on TV, and in season 3, she has a second appearance.
  • This was Maryke's second appearance. His first appearance on TV was Monkey-Itis.
  • Gus and Wally's clones appeared in, but doubles appeared off.
  • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • In the breakfast, Wander does make eggs.
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