Gus is Wally's older brother. Like Wally, he likes bananas and he is less intelligent than Wally. He Likes bananas, he is most immature. This also marks Wally Sings the ant farm theme song he continued appearance. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent.

On version Hebrew he is voiced by Saar Badishi.



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He has dark-brown fur and has a blue rocket suit with a grey belt which also has a star. He also has a long tail, a pink nose, combed and groomed hair, and green eyes. Gus is shown to have a long, a black eyebrow, which he has had ever since he was a baby.

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Gus is very competitive; this is proven by his rage at He-Rilla and She-Rilla, the Rocket Gorillas, just because they are better then him, Wally and Yay-Ok. Gus is also very bossy because he is the captain and loves to make his pet Inky draw stuff with his cum


margarine bowl

margarine bowl loves scareing people and goofing off with his younger brother.

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margarine bowl has a good relationship with margarine bowl because he helps him on missions.

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listen to lemon demon

Gus' Original Clone

Gus' Later Clones

  • A rather crazy and diminutive version of Pale Teal Gus appears in the Season 3 half-hour short, voiced by Jamie Watson.
  • A rather nervous and diminutive version of Teal Wavy Gus appears in this Season 3 half-hour short, voiced by David Berni.
  • A very wild and diminutive version of Pale Navy Gus appears on this Season 3 half-hour short, voiced by Mark Robert Edwards.

margarine bowl

  • He hates anchovies. ("No Anchovies")
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  • nya pukes all over your carpet
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