John Jones is the "Antagonist" of Fortnite: Battle Royal. He works at the IO agency which control the island and the Loop the Fortniters are in. After the hilariously easy defeat of Galactus, the agency is seen in chaos, for some reason, it wasn't that impactful, oh no wait the zero point got exposed. In order to keep anybody from escaping the Loop Jonesy tossed himself into the Loop for at least the 11th time as Bunker Jonesy is the first Jonesy snapshot to be created on the island and in the Loop. Johnny boy hired like, 10 different bounty hunters to do jackshit on the island and create havoc so that everyone is distracted by the chaos and not the Zero Point. Otherwise we don't know much about him other then he has been created at least

Handsome devil.jpeg

10 times on the island so, that's cool. You can have a harem of Jonesys, which is pretty sexy.

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