(The episode starts in a simulation of a broken-up town. The camera goes through dust and reveals a skull. A robot holding a gun steps on the skull but is destroyed by lasers coming from Gus's guns. The scene switches to Gus and Wally, wearing simulation gear)

Gus: You can't hide from the Gus-inator! *kisses one of his guns*

(Wally shoots a traffic light)

Wally: Take that, bolts for brains!

(Gus and Wally continue to shoot robots with their laser guns, then they play a carnival game where they shoot robots. However, more robots start to appear behind them)

Gus: Looks like we got more company.

(Gus presses a button on a banana bomb and throws it at the robots. A huge explosion happens)

Dr. Chimpsky: Rocket Monkeys...

(Gus and Wally are startled by Chimpsky and accidentally shoot a hole through him, revealing his heart)

Gus: Whoops!

(The simulation ends and Gus and Wally throw away their guns)

Wally: Bad monkeys! Oh, please forgive us!

Gus: So sorry about that, sir... just a little enthusiastic.

Dr. Chimpsky: Never mind... to the bridge, at once!

(Gus and Wally get sucked through tubes, into their spacesuits, and into their seats. Wally's suit ends up going on upside-down)

Gus: *laughs* Your face looks like butt!

Wally: *blows a raspberry*

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