Midas is A main character in Fortnite: Battle Royal, he is responsible for activating A device to push back the storm. The device failed and floods the island, leaving Midas stranded, he is presumed dead after being eaten by a shark rid by Meowcles. Midas also had control over G.H.O.S.T. during season 2 and was the boss at The Agency, he held A drumgun that was very powerful. He also came back as "SHADOW" Midas in seasons 4 fortnitemares, but not as one of the shadow agents in season 2, but as a GHOST of sorts (oh is it supposed to be a joke as it's a ghost but called shadow) and had his revenge for like, a week or 2. he had he is also a twink... that's kind of important...

In season 6 chapter 2 Jules confirms Midas is her dad. so that's pretty nifty


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