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starts recording Hey everybody its me plexa with my first and probably not the last apology video cuz I’ll probably screw up.

Sometimes but hey. I would like to say to Aero, to Ghostly, to Arwin, to Rizo, to Krazy, to 420, to Shining, to Rykage, to Lizard. that i am sorry for faking something you should never fake about harming. If you- want to- fully what I did you can go ask them. But I’m so sorry for what i did and I g-genuinely should never have lied about it. I never should’ve lied about it. I should’ve never manipulated any of you, I never should have... takes off USA hat ...I really hope you can accept my apology really cause I really feel bad for what i did all those months ago back in.. um- late april. Which was about 60 days ago now, I really hope you guys exhales accept my apology I really actually feel I frill- feel really bad for what i did. Testing you all to think I did something to see- biduh- because I didn’t trust any of you at the time well now I failed to see that you are true people. And that you guys are cool people who should not be lied to and manipulated, as I manipulated and tested you all. And i never really should’ve done that. In the first place. I really hope you all accept my apology, especially you arwin. For me manipulating you... I’m really sorry. I’ll see you guys in the next video, peace. stops video