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Rocket Chickens are a team full of chickens.They were shown first time in the episode ''Monkeys vs Gorillas''.

Episodes that appearedEdit

Monkeys vs Gorillas

Party Planet Edit


Monkeys vs Gorillas: Edit

They first appeared in the episode Monkeys vs Gorillas when they got inside the Rocket Monkey's territory.Rocket Monkeys tried to save them but in the end they were saved all by Rocket Gorillas.Later Rocket Monkeys tried to explode a fifth grade black hole.In the end Rocket Chickens saved Gus and Wally and became famous.They also had and their own game that Wally played it.In the end,the lil' chick that Gus born was chasing Gus and the Rocket Chickens became angry.

Party Planet:

Some Rocket Chickens were shown in the party.


1.Rocket Chickens are one of the weakest team of GASI (but no weaker than Rocket Monkeys!).

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