{Rocket monkeys go to meet space for the very first time. And also smash into earth what reforms billions of robots they kill spacemen and destroy earth for no good reason. later a sexy love interest women has sex with Gus and wally at nude space beach a Alien says what the fuck are you doing to Gus and wally and shouts your just adults what the hell are you doing. Wally gets Scared and tells him it is foolproof battery Gus starts to agree and has a flashback when Wally and he Gus were babies. Then Gus fucks Wally Gus starts to swear therefor a Riot Started a large heavy one Aliens and space lumberjacks scuttled around then a fire burnt everyone. Expect Gus and Wally but the Rocket monkeys spit at the fire and everyone had a large party because of Gus and Wally and eventually killed the women. Gus starts to think Wally Sucks. eventually the pilot episode was banned and to come on TV Soon!

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