Season 2 Edit

Season 2 is the second season of the Rocket Monkeys which also is and their last.Like and in the first season,this season contains 13 episodes.Season 2 started in December 12th 2013 and ended in April 2nd 2014.

Episodes List

1."The Peel Who Stole Christmas": Lord Peel seeks revenge on Gus and Wally by impersonating Santa and tricking them.

"Ships, Trips and Worm Holes": Gus and Wally try to get to a Christmas party before all there cake is eaten.

2."Banana Ghost": Wally sets out to return the delicious spirits of every banana he's eaten to their home planet.

"One and a Half Friends": Looking to expand his social circle, Wally reaches out to Spacebook-and instantly has hundreds of friends.

3."Robot Plague":The guys think YAY-OK has a big disease.

"May The Best Monkey Win": YAY-OK is put in charge by Dr. Chimpsky to decide whether Gus or Wally should be in charge of their money, after they blow all of GASI's budget on a shopping spree.

4."The Chimpsky Dimension": Gus and Wally let evil counterparts enter the world.

"License To Monkey Around": Gus and Wally lose their fun privileges.

5."My Bully Bot": YAY-OK becomes a bully when the monkeys re-wire him.

"Switch Day": On GASI's "Switch Day," where everyone gets a new partner, the monkeys both end up getting a gorilla as their partner.

6."Flearoy": Wally gets a parasite on him.

"The Inventor": YAY-OK thinks his inventions are no good.

7."Party Planet": When the Monkeys are relegated to the kids' room at a party, Gus decides to infiltrate the adult festivities next door.

"Spacey Cake": While combing the dump for replacement rocket parts, Wally stumbles upon a Spacey Cake oven!

8."Welcome To Inky Mart": Gus and Wally use all of Inky's ink so they must get more.

"Eggs and Breakin"': Gus and Wally want breakfast.

9."Robo Butler": YAY-OK works for Lord Peel

Teeny Weeny Pinky Winky":Gus and Wally have adventures with Rocket Gorillas in Rinky Winky's robot body.

10."Big Bro Rules": Gus teaches Wally about survival, while on a stranded planet.

"Monkey Too Young": Wally believes he can take on anything.

11."Sidekicked": Gus and Wally compete to become a sidekick of Space Dave.

"Wedding Smashers": He-Rilla and She-Rilla are getting married.

12."Happy Gus Day": Gus opens Wally's birthday surprise.

"Monkey Proof": To keep the Monkeys safe, YAY-OK purchases a state-of-the-art primate protection device.

13."Squidsgiving": Lord Peel gets to see his family.

"Rocket Mommy": The Monkeys mom comes to visit.

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