(The episode begins with an exterior view of the ship covered in snow. Gus and Wally are yelling things in joy and looking out the window. The scene goes to inside the ship)

YAY-OK: Gentlemens, are you ready for your new winter outfits? LOOK! (holds up two tail socks) Now with a cozy tail sock!

(Gus and Wally scream with joy and run over to YAY-OK to try on their new tail socks.)

Wally: Looks good! But does it hold up to my demanding rocket monkey lifestyle? (Scene goes to Wally sitting on the couch) Oh yeah, that works. (Scene goes back to the ship)

Gus: Um... mine's a little snug in the monkey butt.

(YAY-OK looks at Gus's tail with a magnifying glass protruding from his head. He retracts it and gets tape to measure Gus's tail)

YAY-OK: Rocket monkey Gus, it appears your tail has grown... (looks at the tape) 0.001 microtoids? Congratulations, you are now a long-tailed monkey! Very well! (Gus smiles).

[Yay-ok and gus cheer with jor and dancing around]

Wally:Hey what about me,am i a long-tailed money too?

Yay-OK:[checks wally's tail with a tape]Nop it doesn't seem that you have grown,the galaxy is swarming with regular tail monkeys.

[The scene changes to at the hallway next to the bathroom door].

Yay-Ok:Rocket monkey gus are you ready for your own bathroom?

Gus:[Gasps]It's beautyful[sits in the a jewel-covered toilet].

Wally:Hey!where am i going to use it?[Yay-ok gives him a bucket]uuh!

Yay-Ok:And here is your new bed!

Gus: [Gasps].

Wally:Hey where am i go to going to sleep? [Yay-ok hands him the same bucket he used it in]At least give me another bucket!

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