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*[[Dr. Chimpsky]]
*[[Dr. Chimpsky]]
*Beast Babies
*Beast Babies
*Beast Dad
*Beast Dad

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Bro to Bro
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My Dad-bot the Doombot
Trick or Trixie
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date January 24, 2013 (Canada)

March 14, 2013 (US)

Octuber 27, 2013 (JP)

Written by Alan Resnich
Storyboards by Steve LeCouillard
Directed by J Falconer

"Trick or Trixie" is the sixth episode of Rocket Monkeys (18th in the US).


Wally finally gets his own pet: Trixie, a toothy beast with an appetite for EVERYTHING, from the monkeys' food supply to the ship itself. As much as it hurts Wally, insatiable Trixie must be stopped!




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