YAY-OK (also known as gay robot) is Wally and Gus's robot friend that helps them on their adventures through space.

He is voiced by pewdiepie

he is sexy...


when the sus!

Looks[edit | edit source]


Personality[edit | edit source]

YAY-OK is very sexy and he is quite sexy. In fact, there is no ladybot that was on board that he hasn't made cum a little faster. But in the end of episode "Tail of The Unexpected", he become sexy.  What if Almost Naked Animals was an anime?

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Gus and Wally[edit | edit source]

Tasked with keeping the Rocket Monkeys on course, actually he doesnt i lied

Slo-Mo[edit | edit source]

im tired

Nagito Komaeda[edit | edit source]

he is in a homosexual relationship with nagito

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